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Maintenance of Corporate Records

Official corporate records will usually have to be in an official language of the jurisdiction of the company. Scandicorp will assist you with all corporate documentation and help you with translations and local compliance matters.

Maintenance of Registers over Investors/Owners

Registers of shareholders and directors similar registers will usually be maintained and kept by Scandicorp on behalf of client companies.

Organisation, Coordination and Documentation of Board and Shareholders meetings

Scandicorp will happily help you with the preparation, coordination and communication of all official meetings and related documentation for the Board and shareholders. Minutes and resolutions will be maintained by Scandicorp and translated where required/ appropriate.

Directorships Services

Depending on client needs, Scandicorp can provide local Directors both for compliance and substance. Our in-house professional can provide local knowledge and independent oversight and governance, adding transparency to potential shareholders and investors.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Company Secretaries do not have to be formally appointed for Nordic companies. Nevertheless Scandicorp will happily assume the duties of a Company Secretary so that you can be ensured that the company remains compliant with local and international corporate governance standards.

Employment & Payroll Administration

Should your company employ persons locally or wish to post employees to projects in Scandinavia for contractual, work Scandicorp can assist with local tax card registrations for employee’s and employer registrations. Other complementary services such as local secretariat, escrow for social security payment coupled with payroll calculations and administration ensure your company and employees remains compliant.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Official accounts and bookkeeping will have to be maintained in local language and compliant with local regulations. Besides official accounts, tax returns and the preparation of Annual Reports, Scandicorp will be happy to prepare any management reports in your language of choice at intervals that best suit you.

Listing services & Transfer agency

Scandicorp can assist in the preparation and corporate advisory for companies wishing to list on European stock exchanges. We aim to restructure entities to optimise corporate governance and enhance value for stakeholder, thus giving market confidence.