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About Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden, is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy with the monarch Carl XVI Custaf as head of state. Sweden is a Scandinavian country bordering with Norway and Finland and is also connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel. In fact, Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union at 450,295 square kilometres (173,860 sq mi) with a total population of over 9.9 million.  The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is the country’s largest city with more than 850,000 inhabitants.

Political establishment of Sweden

Sweden is the third-largest country of the European Union in which Sweden is a member since 1995. The official language is Swedish and the official currency is Swedish Krona (SEK). Sweden is member of the Nordic Council. However, Sweden is not a member of NATO.




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Swedish Economy

Sweden is a highly-developed country with a very productive agricultural economy and industrial sector. In fact, it is one of the fifteen top countries in the world in per-capita income. The north of Sweden is known for hydropower, mineral resources, wood, and raw materials supporting a specialized and versatile processing industry.

However, the economic centres of Sweden are located in the south where also the main cultivation areas of high-tech farming can be found. Nevertheless, less than a tenth of the total area of ​​Sweden is used for agricultural purposes. About 80% of the food requirements are produced on this area.


Taxation in Sweden

The corporate tax rate is very competitive by international standards and stands at 22% since 2013. It is based solely on an annual profit of a company. Sweden is a very suitable jurisdiction for setting up international holding companies. Subsidiary companies or branches of foreign companies are relatively easy to set up in Sweden. VAT Standard rate stands at 25 %. Reduced rates of 12 % and 6 % apply to particular services and goods.

Companies can enjoy tax exemptions on capital gains and intra-group dividends, no withholding tax on interest payments, no thin-capitalization rules, and also no or low withholding tax on dividends in Sweden. All these advantages have made Sweden one of the most attractive corporate tax regimes in Europe, especially for holding companies.

 Setting up a Business in Sweden

If you choose any of  form of Businesses as below, they must be registered at Swedish Companies Registration Office and with the Tax Administration and have to have a Registered Office in Sweden. There are following most forms of Businesses in Sweden

  • Aktiebolag, suffix AB (Private limited company)
  • Publikt aktiebolag, suffix AB (publ) (Public limited company)
  • Utländsk filial (Branch of a Foreign Company)

With regard to Accounting & Audit, all these forms of businesses have to ensure ongoing accounting and annual filling of financial statements. Furthermore, at least one independent and licensed auditor is required to be appointed, unless small company provisions apply.


How can Scandicorp help?

Our expertise is mainly in following areas that we can help you with:

  • Start-up Services – focusing on Company registration, tax registration, provision of registered office services, opening and administrating bank accounts, provision of company directors and nominee services, and introductions to key professionals in the Nordic countries. 


  • Corporate Administration – providing organisation, coordination and administration the board and shareholders resolutions and meetings, maintenance of corporate records and registers over investors, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll administration.


  • Consultancy Services - contributing business planning and strategic advices, compliance support and statutory reporting, fund set-up, management and administration of special purpose vehicles, trustee and foundation set-up and advice.